That Marketing Guy

That Marketing Guy

posted on 29 Jan 2016, 8:05 am

That Marketing Guy grows

At TMG, we wish you a HOU new year !

This New Year has seen us growing our business and getting up to more monkey business around the island.

Looking back, we’ve indeed come a long way from our single-man operation when Will first founded That Marketing Guy.
That Marketing Guy was started by Boss Will Lee in 2012 to evangelise about the importance of good Marketing for any business. Will also strongly believed in providing marketing support to the burgeoning number of small businesses, all of which might not have the resources for their own marking expertise.
From consultation, project implementation and management to churning out monthly reports, That Marketing Guy was formed to plug-and-play into clients’ operations, serving as a third-party marketing department.

Today, That Marketing Guy has a lean team of 6 (although not everyone in the team is lean) who work together to provide our clients with what they need to achieve their Marketing goals.
We have expanded our portfolio with more clients, recently being a part of a campaign with Tower Transit Singapore for their launch at Bulim Bus Depot. This event was a milestone for us as well, considering its magnitude and the press attention accorded to it.

That Marketing Guy has grown.