Will Lee

Will Lee

Founder |

Will didn’t climb the corporate ladder - he pulled it apart and built a new one when he started That Marketing Guy in 2012. Then, he was literally That Marketing Guy in an one man show kinda setup.

After 10 years of being in the industry, in both agencies and in Marketing departments, Will realised that the scene lacked credible (looking at you, Marketing “Gurus”!) and good Marketing agencies that small businesses in Singapore can afford.

As the Principal Consultant for That Marketing Guy, Will has worked with individuals on embarking on their personal projects, and with companies to provide them with information about and strategies to close the gap between their current Marketing activities and their desired outcomes. As the team leader, Will works closely with his team to provide them with the direction for executing the deliverables in each project.

Will almost became a professional soccer goalkeeper, and enjoys spending his weekends with his 11 year old Husky, Hunter.